Stories About Addiction

Finding help with addiction at drug rehab program centers:

We found help for my sons addiction at drug rehab program centers when our family was in peril. My youngest son had joined a gang in our area, was staying out all night, stealing from family members, using drugs that we were unable to identify and getting into a lot of trouble with the local police. I feared for his life every day and at night I waited for the police to show up at my front door and give me the news that he had been hurt or worse, that he was dead. It consumed my life and every waking thought. He would disappear for days on end with no contact and because he was 18 years old I was told by many counselors that there was nothing I could do. With no hope of stepping in to help him I felt helpless and hopeless in that I would lose my baby to drugs and alcohol. When he did come home I would try and talk to him but he only got angry at me and left again saying I just didn’t understand and that he could handle his own life. Basically he told me to “butt out”. All I could do was cry.  My mother, his grandmother finally took over because I was in such despair.  She called this hotline and talked with a counselor for a really long time. The counselor called and talked to me and explained so much about what was going on with my son. I was shocked that anyone could understand what what happening in my life and was so gentle in his approach to my situation. He gave me hope. He helped us find a drug rehabilitation center that accepted our insurance and recommended a wonderful intervention specialists that was a woman. She came into our lives and into my sons life, unafraid of the situation. She was so knowledgeable and so kind. I couldn’t believe this tiny little woman could possible get my son into drug rehabilitation but she did. She was an Angel in disguise. She communicated with him alone and he felt as though she understood him and he said he felt like she really wanted to help him. We were astonished when he agreed to go with her into treatment. My son stayed in treatment for 3 plus months and we are so hopeful now. He is no longer in the gang and is working, taking care of his legal problems and looking forward to his life. I cannot express my gratitude to the counselors we talked to. You guided us, helped us and we have hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

L.M. California

My addiction to pills was ruining my life. I had been in an accident that injured my back severely and was living with chronic pain but the pain medications were actually making things worse. I slept all day, was awake all night and I couldn’t focus on anything that felt good. I felt bad all the time. I couldn’t even take care of my children. Cooking dinner for my family seemed like an impossible task. My husband began to worry that I would over dose and it caused continued arguments and trouble in our marriage. Finally my husband started making calls looking for some kind of help for me. I was so resistant because I thought I needed the pills because they were prescribed by my Doctor. My husband was able to locate a drug rehab program center that was close to home but far enough away that I couldn’t just walk out. After much argument I finally agreed to go and get the help I needed. Today I am off all pain medications and an continuing counseling for the addiction issue. I am seeking physical therapy to help with the chronic pain and I can think straight for the first time in years. I am so thankful for the help my husband found for me. My kids finally have their mother back and my husband has the wife he loves and deserves.
M.H. Washington D.C.